Address: 3505 Palm, Isle of Palms, SC

John Dennis cell phone (781) 710-8210

Coral Woods cell phone (603) 801-9437


Space in the cars are limited, weíre asking that each person bring just one bag, preferably a soft bag like a duffle rather than a hard shell suitcase.


Each person will also need to bring:

  • 1 set of twin sheets
  • Pillow
  • Light weight blanket
  • Bath towel
  • Beach towel

In addition, here are some items you might consider bringing:

  • Bathing suits
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen
  • Hat
  • Sandals or beach shoes
  • Book
  • Music
  • Phone
  • Driverís license
  • Camera
  • Jacket / Rain coat
  • Sneakers
  • Float or board
  • Shorts
  • Short sleeve shirts
  • Long pants
  • Shorts
  • PJís / Bathrobe
  • Toilet kit

Our travel plans are to leave Barbara Dennisís house at 9am Thursday 6/23. We will drive to NYC and pick Scott up at approximately 1pm. From there we will drive to somewhere in the Washington DC or Virginia area depending on how we are feeling and get a hotel room. Friday we will drive to the home of Coralís sister Crystal James in Charlotte NC (2715 Tobin Court, (704) 362-2735) to celebrate their Dadís 80th birthday. We will spend the night at the James.Saturday morning we will depart the James and drive to the beach house where we will spend the week. We will depart sometime the following Saturday July 2nd. Iíd like to leave it open as to whether we take 1 or 2 days to drive back depending on how everyone feels. That will place us back home either Sunday the 3rd or Monday the 4th.